Island View Beach Regional Park

This park offers an expansive beach along the eastern shore of the Saanich Peninsula, and excellent bird watching, featuring a panorama of land and seascapes, a long, sandy beach for exploring, picnicking and swimming, a fragile sand dune area, home to several rare and beautiful plants and a boat launch for access to Cordova Channel and Haro Strait.

Circle Walk: Explore Island View Beach Regional Park along a circle route. Head north down the beach, then join one of the access trails through the foredunes. Return by way of the inland trail through the old salt marsh and backdunes, and stop at the picnic area for a snack.

Wildlife Viewing Tips: Seabirds and shorebirds land at Island View Beach during migration times in the spring and autumn. Migratory seabirds graze on the eel grass beds at low tide or probe for worms, clams and other creatures in the sand. They are often exhausted from their long travels and need all the nourishment and rest they can get. Watch these animals from a distance and keep dogs on the trail and under control.

Some of BC's most threatened shorebirds nest on the ground on isolated rocky islets, spits and shorelines. Oystercatchers, for example, are one species at risk. They lay their well-camouflaged eggs in a scrape - nothing more than an arrangement of pebbles or even the bare rock itself. Oystercatchers also rely on distraction to fend off predators. Stay well clear of any bird displaying evasive behaviour and watch where you walk.

RV and Tenting Campground: The Island View Beach Regional Park offers a self-contained RV and tent campground in Central Saanich. The campground will be open for the 2010 summer season from the Victoria Day long weekend, May 21, to the Labour Day long weekend, Sept. 6.

source: CRD Parks