Mount Work Regional Park

Mount Work is one of the largest regional parks, and is the dominant hill on the horizon from many vantage points in Saanich, Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula. This popular recreation spot offers a variety of landscapes and activities.

Summit Trail: Visitors can hike to the mountain summit on a sometimes challenging trail that runs north and south, spanning the park's entire length. The trails to the summit lead through natural glacial rock formations. Conditions in the park vary with the weather, and you're fully exposed to the elements during the ascent, so plan accordingly. Please stay on the main trails, as the mossy groundcover is sensitive to damage from trampling. Durrance Lake

Of the lakes within Mount Work Regional Park, Durrance Lake is the most accessible, and a favourite among families and picnickers. The water is cool and fresh for swimming. Nestled in a valley carved between the shadow of Mount Work and the neighbouring Partridge Hills, the lake is ringed with forested slopes. A well-groomed path gives way to a narrow twisting hiking trail that circles the lake. Submerged logs and dead trees on the boggy south side of the lake provide important breeding habitat and a foraging area for a number of wildlife species. Durrance Lake is also a popular fly-fishing spot with a population of smallmouth bass and cutthroat trout.

Mount Work-Hartland: Multi-use trails open to mountain biking lie on the east slope of Mount Work, separate from the main park. These trails cover a range of terrain, from moderate, rolling hills to the most difficult grade for advanced mountain bikers. Use extreme caution, and be prepared for hazards or difficult sections on any trail.

source: CRD Parks