Roche Cove Regional Park

Hike along a cool creek at midday or paddle still waters in early morning light at this serene West Coast park featuring serenity and seclusion on a mossy slope or by a quiet cove, seven kilometres of trails through cedar forest along the Galloping Goose Regional Trail and hilltop views of Roche Cove and the Sooke Basin.

Roche Cove and Roche Harbour in Sooke Basin are named for Richard Roche, 3rd Lieutenant on HMS Satellite, a British naval vessel stationed in Victoria from 1857-1860. Picnic at the protected cove after an easy walk from the parking area. The sand reveals little-neck clams and barnacles at low tide. At high tide, look for sea stars moving over broken shells in search of food. On the water, you might see migrating ducks, such as red-breasted mergansers, Barrow's golden-eye or buffleheads.

Matheson Creek Trail: This trail follows the creek through a forest lush with bracken fern and a grove of western red cedars. (Note: The trail may be impassable in winter.)

Cedar Grove Trail: For a more invigorating hike, try the Cedar Grove Trail.

Galloping Goose Trail: Roche Cove is an excellent starting point for a day trip on the popular Galloping Goose Trail. This 55-kilometre multi-use trail passes through the park on its journey from downtown Victoria to Sooke. You can walk, cycle or ride a horse south toward rural Metchosin or north to Sooke Basin and beyond.

source: CRD Parks