Witty's Lagoon Regional Park

Visit this oceanfront park and discover its charm. Forest trails, sandy beach, nature centre and rich bird life make this an ideal destination for the whole family. Featuring a large lagoon, excellent for bird watching at any time of year, more than five kilometres of trails through woodland, past lagoon and marsh a sandy beach overlooking rocky headlands and offshore islets and a Nature Centre.

Start at the Nature Centre: Regional Parks staff and volunteer naturalists can answer your questions and point you in the right direction on the trails. Pick up a brochure, and check out the interpretive displays on the lagoon's natural and cultural history.

Explore: Enjoy the forested trails and views of Sitting Lady Falls plunging into the lagoon below. Picnic at one of three picnic areas, or at the expansive sandy beach. Witty's Lagoon is a birder's paradise, with over 160 species documented in the park. Listen for the rattle call of the belted kingfisher, and the songs of orange-crowned warblers and dark-eyed juncos. Bring your binoculars, and be prepared for discovery, but remember to respect the habitat and birds that use it.

source: CRD Parks